This Moment, We Own It. ♥
-T.Mills, ♥
-Sammy Adams, ♥
-Mike Posner,♥
-Niykee Heaton, ♥

Old Status…

Babe ! ^.^
Well you wanted a status so here it goes… . Shit I’m Nervous /.\ Lol Okay„ Well first of all„I Love your laugh ;D lol It adorable /.^ And your smile.. It makes my day(: I don’t want to see you sad or angry, Cuhhs it ruins my day too, not cool -.- lmao but tbh, I’ve only seen you mad one time, but not really cuhhs you were pretending to be mad at shaye..lmao Shaye xD Poor shaye ,., aha you jerk juuuustkiddin(: „My favorite day with you was when I first went to your house and we watched movies(: lol I had a great time, you’re really sweet and ha Miguel is a little meany! ..I miss That day But It doesn’t matter what we do, I’m just happy to hang out with you I’m one lucky girl Imma miss you when you leave /.\ Uqhhh… well we still have tomorrow, (‘: , still, I wish I had more time with you I’m kinda scared for next week, not being able to see you after every class, /.v aha ima feel so lost! /.\ But forsure, I will visit you in rapid, and I’ll see you on holidays hopefully,:) Don’t worry, iknow we can make it work, I promise … aha remember „ “Superstaar” , L O L , we still didn’t watch the rest of that!… Next time Haha you remind me of her , When she’s making out with the tree (; xD Haha , You’re Hilarious !, even when you don’t even try to be(: it ‘s Cute ;D And I like how I can joke around with you and you don’t get all butthurt about it(: Yuhp , You’re a keeper c; , Hey!„„,Ummm….. Guess what?! … . You’re Amazing I know you tell me that everyday, I may not act surprise, because you tell me that ALL THE TIME, but I get little butterflies still in my tummy everytime, /.\ and I’m happy out of all the girls here, you chose me and you’re mine you make me sooo happy, You have no idea /.\ I can tell you anything, you’re my bestfriend, my babe, Everything , Well Good’Night &&’ SweetDreams Baby Mwuahh Love you
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